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Our Mission

Saving Lives

RedC Biotech is enabling unlimited blood transfusions with its proprietary, donor-free, universal red blood cells, for life saving treatments and advanced therapies.

High Quality

RedC is developing a process resulting with high quality,  synchronized cultures of red blood cells, produced using state of the art materials

Massive Scale

RedC will produce red blood cells in large volume bioreactors, allowing production in masses required to fulfill the global supply

Low Cost

Production in large volumes leads to economy of scale,  lower run rates, lower testing costs and procurement of raw materials at low prices

Global Reach

RedC will produce red blood cells in manufacturing plants in  many regions around the world, allowing on-time supply of blood units upon demand

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Our mission
The Need

The Need

Need and Challenges


Red blood cell transfusions are essential in many medical interventions ranging from trauma, surgery, women in childbirth (PPH) and newborns, chronic anemia and illness and cancer treatments

Oxygen Carrier

Red blood cells (Erythrocytes) are the oxygen carrying capacity of the body

Global Shortage 

Globally, nearly 120 million red blood cell units are donated every year, yet there is a constant shortage of 100 millions red blood cell units 

Complex Supply Chain

Practices and administration of blood from donors to the patients are complex procedures from blood collection logistics, screening, testing and storage to delivery


This industry is constantly challenged to ensure the safety of the donated blood, test type matching and vigilance of current and emerging diseases to avoid transmittance of undesired donor blood elements


Availability and Cost

Blood inventories are managed carefully in each country
but frequently are operating at low risky levels, requiring the need for special donations and blood drives. The complex supply chain and the need for extra testing, matching and continuous handling affects the pricing of blood units 


In the Search for a Reliable Source

There is a global need to replace this century old practice with a method that is safe, clean, accessible and cost effective and remove the need for donors from this life saving process

There is a need for new blood...

Woman Donating Blood
Taking blood pressue
Surgeons During Operation


RedC Universal Red Blood Cell Transfusions

One Blood Type Fits All

The universal red blood cells provided by RedC Biotech will be a blood type that is suitable for almost every patient and will have the same potency as the currently used red blood cell transfusion

High Quality

Pathogen free, no undesirable blood components, uniform

Donor Free

Eliminating the need for donors, volunteers and seasonal shortages

Low Cost

Assures effective production, will not require additional testing in hospitals

Saves Lives Worldwide

Access and availability provided worldwide – where and when needed

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Revolutionary Technology

Industrial Red Blood Cell Production 

Innovative stem cell cultivation 

Multi-patent protected, exclusively licensed core technology

Large scale production 

Red blood cell production will move from lab scale to large scale bioreactors

Red Blood Cells are harvested, rinsed, concentrated, tested packed and distributed

Cost Reduction

Massive scale-up 

Economy of scale - orders of magnitude cheaper

Process automation

Selection and sourcing of advanced raw materials

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Blood Sample

From Lab to Global Production - Scaling the Count of Red Blood Cells



RedC Biotech

Red C Biotech is a pre-clinical, development stage company aiming at saving lives worldwide. RedC is developing a new, process, to create universal red blood cells from stem cells using a patented cultivation technology.
It is a highly scalable process for production that can meet the global demand for safe red blood cell transfusions for anyone, anywhere. 

RedC Biotech collaborates with leading industry, academia and government organizations. 

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